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Синтез функциональных производных нидо-карборана Марина Стогний

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The book is aimed at graduate students in mathematics, and at professional mathematicians with an interest in partial differential equations, mathematical physics, differential geometry, harmonic analysis and complex analysis.

The derivative practitioner s expert guide to IFRS 9 application Accounting for Derivatives explains the likely accounting implications of a proposed transaction on derivatives strategy, in alignment with the IFRS 9 standards. This second in the series of three volumes builds upon the basic theory of linear PDE given in volume 1, and pursues more advanced topics. Analytical tools introduced here include pseudodifferential operators, the functional analysis of self-adjoint operators, and Wiener measure.

The book also develops basic differential geometrical concepts, centred about curvature. Topics covered include spectral theory of elliptic differential operators, the theory of scattering of waves by obstacles, index theory for Dirac operators, and Brownian motion and diffusion.

This textbook is a completely revised, updated, and expanded English edition of the important Analyse fonctionnelle In addition, it contains a wealth of problems and exercises with solutions to guide the reader. Uniquely, this book presents in a coherent, concise and unified way the main results from functional analysis together with the main results from the theory of partial differential equations PDEs. Although there are many books on functional analysis and many on PDEs, this is the first to cover both of these closely connected topics.

The English edition makes a welcome addition to this list. The first of three volumes on partial differential equations, this one introduces basic examples arising in continuum mechanics, electromagnetism, complex analysis and other areas, and develops a number of tools for their solution, in particular Fourier analysis, distribution theory, and Sobolev spaces.

These tools are then applied to the treatment of basic problems in linear PDE, including the Laplace equation, heat equation, and wave equation, as well as more general elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic equations. The book is targeted at graduate students in mathematics and at professional mathematicians with an interest in partial differential equations, mathematical physics, differential geometry, harmonic analysis, and complex analysis. Partial differential equations PDEs are used to describe a large variety of physical phenomena, from fluid flow to electromagnetic fields, and are indispensable to such disparate fields as aircraft simulation and computer graphics.

While most existing texts on PDEs deal with either analytical or numerical aspects of PDEs, this innovative and comprehensive textbook features a unique approach that integrates analysis and numerical solution methods and includes a third component - modeling - to address real-life problems. The authors believe that modeling can be learned only by doing; hence a separate chapter containing 16 user-friendly case studies of elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic equations is included and numerous exercises are included in all other chapters.

A step-by-step explanation of the mathematical models used to price derivatives. For this second edition, Salih Neftci has expanded one chapter, added six new ones, and inserted chapter-concluding exercises.

He does not assume that the reader has a thorough mathematical background. This introductory text on partial differential equations is the first to integrate modern and classical techniques for solving PDEs at a level suitable for undergraduates. The author successfully complements the classical topic of Fourier series with modern finite element methods.

The result is an up-to-date, powerful, and flexible approach to solving PDEs, which both faculty and students will find refreshing, challenging, and rewarding. Linear algebra is a key component of the text, providing a framework both for computing solutions and for understanding the theoretical basis of the methods.

Although techniques are emphasized over theory, the methods are presented in a mathematically sound fashion to develop a strong foundation for further study. Numerous exercises and examples involve meaningful experiments with realistic physical parameters, allowing students to use physical intuition to understand the qualitative features of the solutions.

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